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Driving pleasure, performance, technical sophistication, exclusivity:
these are the aspirations for the bikes. Bimota creates its motorcycles
with the finest materials and craftsmanship, each one different,
tailor-made to deliver the dreams of every motorcyclist.

Our components are made from blocks of precious metals, our body panels
are made entirely of carbon fiber, our forms are born in the wind tunnel
and our chassis’ are designed by engineers who are passionate about

Almost half a century ago, from the spark of a genius, a unique brand
came to life, created to let emotions run fast. And still today, all
Bimota motorcycles retain that spirit.




The first bike, the HB1, is the parent from which all of our motorcycles
have been born. The YB3 won the Grand Prix World Championship. The YB4
won the last TTF1 World Championship and the first race in the new World
Superbike Championship. The Tesi because it is the Tesi. The DB5 was
awarded the “Motorcycle Design Award”. The DB7 Oronero is the only road
bike in the world with a carbon fiber chassis and swingarm. And the
story continues…


It was not our first race win, but Mario Lega’s victory at Misano on a
YB1 has a special place in our hearts. This track, just a few kilometers
from us, had given us a lot. Our company started with the crash of a
Honda 750 at the “Oak” corner, that supplied the engine and created the
necessity for the first HB1!


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