bimota-db8-oronero-01Incomparable exclusivity


With the DB8 Italia the refinement work has reached very high levels but with the DB8 Oronero this has been accomplished even more. The upper part of the frame and the swing arm are made of carbon fiber, while the bottom plate is in CNC aluminum, as is traditional with Bimota. Thanks to this solution and the use of precious materials, the weight drops 3 kg further, compared to DB8 Italia, while exclusivity reaches the maximum levels.

The DB7 Oronero was the first bike homologated for road use with a frame made of carbon fiber; the DB8 Oronero follows the same path. A limited edition for those who want a unique bike, made in very few units that further enhance the specificity of Bimota. Maneuverability and precision, characteristics already recognized to the DB8 Italia, are increased further.






The engine is the same bicylindrical “L” with 1200 cc capable of expressing a power of 162 hp at 9750 rev / min, maintained by a fuel injection system developed by Bimota. It uses monoshock Öhlins suspensions, fully adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic in compression and rebound with selection for high and low speed operations. The fork Öhlins is adjustable with 43 mm stems; the braking system is Brembo, and in the sportier version the clamp is monoblock. The rims OZ, in forged aluminum, are derived from racing bikes.






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