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The DB8 Italia was created to deal with both track and asphalt scenarios. The DB8 ergonomic driving position and the support it gives you in curves maybe the first features you notice. Agile in changing directions, DB8 performs in exiting turns thanks to the restrained weight and the work of engineers who have optimized the delivery of the already muscular twin-cylinder engine.


The line incorporates the modern styles, with simple and precise details. A blend of elegance and sportiness, where the colors of the white and red/white version enhance the clean lines and compact dimensions of the front and sides. On this bike, you will notice the details in carbon fiber and the elegance of the composite trellis swingarm which leaves the rear end free to be admired.




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The DB8 is powered by a twin-cylinder “L” engine of 1200 cc capable of expressing a power of 162 hp at 9750 rev / min, maintained by a fuel injection system developed by Bimota. The frame is in composite trellis and employs pipes with larger diameter able to ensure a good rigidity of the vehicle.

The swingarm, pivoted directly on the engine, is made with the same technology of the frame. This ensures an absolute weight reduction and at the same time leaves visible the rear end and the Öhlins monoshock, fully adjustable in spring preload and hydraulic in compression and rebound with selection for high and low speed operation.

The Öhlins fork is adjustable with 43 mm stems, the braking system is Brembo, in the sportier version the clamp is monoblock. The rims OZ, forged aluminum, are derived from racing bikes. In the single-seat version the codon is load-bearing monocoque in carbon fiber, while in the two-seater version, it is used an aluminum frame to support the weight of the passenger.