bimota-tesi3d-01The bike reinvented by Bimota


Tesi 3D Naked is a shocking and revolutionary concept of the motorcycle. It is an emotion that gets into the soul from the first moments of driving. An experience never to be forgotten. After more than 20 years since the first Tesi, the 3D Naked is the first one with high handlebars and a seat for the passenger; a pleasure multiplied by two with the style of Bimota, the attention to details and the best materials.

Load transfers controlled by the front suspension (Dive Controlled System) which absorbs the forces while minimizing the lowering of the front, the maximum speed when changing direction, the absolute control of the bike and a bicylindrical heart are the strengths of this Italian jewelry. Other features include the two 320mm front discs with radial and overturned calipers, the double front and rear mono-shock absorber and all the CNC aluminum parts, from the mainframe to the details such as the steering supports and the footpegs.







The heart of the project is the forecarriage where steering and suspension act separately, a solution conceived by Bimota in the early Eighties. At the base, the idea of reducing almost to zero all the load transfers during braking, so entering in turns is faster and more accurate while at high speed and in the egress the Tesi 3D Naked keeps the trajectory set by the rider. Sportsmanship is accentuated by the performances of the engine, the excellent suspensions signed Öhlins, the low weight and the narrow sides: in every moment rider and bike are just as one. Even with a low barycentre, the Tesi allows fast changes of direction and a good speed stability. A conveyance that is different from any other, made for those who want a motorcycle unlike any other. The design of the rear is also light, where the compact exhaust and the basic plate holder give to Tesi a truly sporty image. Just like a real Bimota.




bimota-tesi3d-03-anniversarioQuality and uniqueness are even more exclusive with the limited and numbered 40th Anniversary series, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the production of the first motorcycle Bimota. Only 40 specimens have been made, each characterized by the specific livery for this version and the label indicating the serial number.












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