Kit BB3



The Fastest Stock Bimota Ever

The ultimate expression of the experience of Bimota: an effective and powerful engine, wrapped in a chassis built with the best components and the most sought technologies. But the heart is the composite trellis frame that joins the CNC aluminum swingarm, formed by five components and completely welded by hand. The result is an efficient bike, agile between the curbs and very fast on straights. A masterpiece of engineering, from Bimota technicians who possess more than four decades of experience in the field.

The hull is completely in carbon; made in a single component, to the benefit of a cleaner aesthetic and enhanced sportiness of the bike. It was not enough to draw its lines as a designer’s work but a long search in the wind tunnel has allowed to draw a motorcycle with the maximum aerodynamic efficiency.


The codon as well is all in carbon

bimota-bb3-03, connected to the frame without the need for any supporting subframe; a solution that allows to lighten the bike and to remove weight aloft by lowering the barycentre, to the benefit of agility.

The braking system is of strict derivation from the world of racing and signed by Brembo: in the front, monoblock calipers and 320mm discs. The rims are forged and manufactured by OZ from Bimota design; also the exhaust with carbon cap was created by Arrow using precise specifications while fork and rear monoshock Öhlins, both fully adjustable, complete the equipment of a motorcycle that gives a powerful feeling, with just its sound and a huge reserve of power that is still manageable and fun in every situation.



BB3 Replica Superbike_5BORN TO WIN

The competence of the Bimota technical staff who designed and developed this bike born with a winning pedigree and the experience of Francis Battà’s Alstare Team led to desired but unexpected results in the 2014 World Superbike Championship. The two bikes in the race were immediately proved to be fast and uncatchable and they were widely talked about.

The extraordinary pilots Ayrton Badovini and Christian Iddon have in fact conquered:

16 Races

16 Podiums

5 Victories